Best eCommerce SEO Company in Toronto

AMITKK is the leading eCommerce SEO company in Toronto. Find the best e-Commerce SEO strategies to drive organic traffic to your website.

Best eCommerce SEO Company in Toronto

E-commerce SEO Services in Canada

E-commerce SEO Services

E-commerce SEO Services

Assured results

AMITKK provides comprehensive ecommerce SEO services to maximize your online presence's visibility. These services include everything from content writing and website optimization to creating custom-tailored SEO link-building strategies. The goal is to increase traffic, improve conversion rates, and drive sales overall.

We specialize in on-site and off-site ecommerce SEO, providing solutions that can help make your online store stand out. Our team of SEO experts promises top-of-the-line services for any ecommerce store, big or small, providing them with the perfect balance of visibility, customer appeal, and scalability. Get in touch with us today and take your business to the next level!

E-commerce SEO Cost

Starting @ CAD 900

With ecommerce sites seeing an influx of online visitors, it's increasingly important to ensure that your site ranks highly in the search engines. At AMITKK, we offer comprehensive ecommerce SEO services to help your business appear in the top SERP results.

We understand that only some companies have the same budget and strive to provide fair pricing based on the services needed. Our dedicated team will dig into analytics and develop a strategy tailored to your needs while keeping costs low and achieving great results. With our transparent process and communication, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are getting the most value for your investment.

Why Choose us for E-commerce SEO Services

When it comes to ecommerce SEO services, it's essential to go with a company that you can trust and has the experience to get the job done. AMITKK is an experienced digital marketing company that offers full-service SEO solutions tailored specifically to maximize your online visibility and higher rankings in major search engines. Our team of experts employs cutting-edge techniques, regularly staying up to date with the latest algorithms and trends to ensure top-quality service. With our capabilities and a results-driven approach, AMITKK is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for comprehensive ecommerce SEO services.

Service Costing Why Us?

Grow Your Brand with eCommerce SEO Services

Most consumers, when looking to buy a product, go to the popular search engines to explore options. They look for variety, availability, and prices to help them come to a decision. At that moment, you would want your brand to pop up first in the search list so that you never miss an opportunity for sales. We help you attain that visibility on the search engine pages. What is the benefit of having the products and space but not being able to reach you? It harms the business greatly. Our eCommerce SEO company in Toronto will increase your website traffic in no time!

  • Technical SEO Services

    Technical SEO Services

  • On Page SEO Implementation

    On Page SEO Implementation

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Link Building Services

    Link Building Services

  • Off-Page SEO Implementation

    Off-Page SEO Implementation

Technical SEO Services

You invest a lot of time when setting up your e-commerce site in making it aesthetically attractive for your audience to draw them to your shopping sites. Even so, having a technically proficient website is just as crucial as having a visually attractive one. As a result, technical search engine optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of your e-commerce website. To guarantee a pleasant user experience on the front end, you must optimize the backend of your website. It takes effort to put technical SEO best practices into practice. It necessitates an understanding of coding and website backend optimization. If you lack that experience, you shouldn't take the chance of messing up the coding on your website and making the issue worse.

Our team of skilled professionals can provide top-notch Technical SEO audit services in a variety of areas, including site design and Search Engine Marketing. Our SEO staff has experience with various CMS platforms. We know how these platforms interact with search engine algorithms and can optimize websites built on them efficiently.

On Page SEO Implementation

The method of optimising web pages for organic traffic and raising a website's rankings in search engine results pages is known as on-page SEO for eCommerce (search engine results pages). It has to deal with the material that appears on the pages of your website, including blog articles and landing pages. We focus on implementing best practices to improve your eCommerce portal's visibility in search engine results. We concentrate on implementing best practices to increase the visibility of your ecommerce portal in search engine results.

We optimize your headlines, product descriptions, and metadata after analyzing your website structure so that your product pages appear in search results beneath the title tag. We also improve the internal link structure and navigational structure to help with SEO by showing how pages are connected to one another. This also encourages users to spend more time on your website studying it. We compile a list of high-volume keywords and use our curated keyword tools and extensive SEO industry knowledge to target them.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is the practice of adding and evaluating modifications to your website and marketing plans in order to boost your conversion rates. A conversion for eCommerce websites is frequently a sale, but it can also be a particular action like joining an email list, downloading a product guide, or leaving a review. CRO for e-commerce is an economical technique to boost sales. Instead of concentrating on bringing in more traffic, it enables you to maximise the traffic that already visits your website.

Do you know how the conversion rate piles up against the rest of the eCommerce market? Through our unique approach to CRO for eCommerce SEO services Toronto, we provide value to your users and increase conversion rates for your business. The most appealing characteristic of our comprehensive CRO services is that they transform traffic into money, and we specialize in converting website visitors into purchasers.

Link Building Services

The most rewarding aspect of SEO is eCommerce link building, which is also one of its most crucial and difficult components. The finest link-building strategies for eCommerce websites use the proper content approaches and strategies to increase the number of high-quality links pointing to your landing pages and increasing their exposure. Link building is getting multiple websites to link to your own website. Search engines weigh links as indicators of relevance, authority, and trust, increasing page and domain authority together.

Link building improves SEO for eCommerce initiatives when done ethically. We completely examine your material, give data enrichment, and raise the standards of your content, exceeding the expectations of an eCommerce SEO agency Toronto. We offer sophisticated link-building services that counteract your competitors and give you an advantage.

Off-Page SEO Implementation

The key to a successful eCommerce marketing plan is being able to deliver significant traffic to your website. You can tell which websites are popular if you look at how many links point to them and how much traffic they receive. The cornerstone of off-page SEO for eCommerce is incoming links. Off-page SEO for eCommerce websites is concerned with events that take place on other websites. Off-page SEO can assist your website in emphasising growing its recognition, dependability, and trust among search engines like Google and Bing, as well as your clientele. 

Our team focuses on developing authoritative links, social media marketing, and social bookmarking for your eCommerce portal's off-page SEO. To improve search ranks for various items and services, we concentrate on creating quality and authoritative backlinks to your eCommerce web. We also make sure that the links are relevant to your portal in order to provide the most SEO value. With the advent of social media material being featured immediately in search results, we make sure that your company is well-represented on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Improve Your e-Commerce SEO

Despite the fact that SEO offers the best return on investment of any eCommerce marketing effort, most online stores are built with search engines in mind. We rely on social media or sponsored advertisements instead. This is fine and all, but it necessitates consistent labour and a steady supply of revenue. Work with us and allow us to upgrade your website to the best of its capabilities.

eCommerce is a huge and extremely profitable sector these days. Business is growing and many new people are starting their businesses in eCommerce. Multiple factors are included in running a successful eCommerce store, and one of them is having a strong SEO to get you more traffic, leads and business.

e-Commerce SEO

Why Work With Us for eCommerce SEO Services?

Develop Your Personal Brand

A tiny business may grow into a multimillion-dollar enterprise with the appropriate strategic marketing. But it all starts with a simple step: e-commerce SEO. Then there are the digital marketing and promotional campaign phases, which take the process to the next level. We start at the beginning, walk you through each phase, and help you achieve your objective.

Unique SEO Optimization Strategies

Gain first-page visibility on search engines to increase traffic to your website with the help of our advanced eCommerce SEO strategies. Moreover, advertise your brand's images and videos over the broad web network of the main three search engines to enhance traffic and brand exposure. Experiment with our tried-and-true search engine optimization techniques to improve organic search results.

Work Ethics

As a leading eCommerce SEO company in Toronto we put the needs of our clients first. When a client comes to us with work, we make sure they are completely satisfied. Our team of experts goes through all your needs and works hard to deliver the results you want. They complete the project within the stipulated time frame without compromising the quality of work. They also make accommodations for changes to the client's needs even after a project is completed.

Versatile Packages

Not every business starts big, and we understand the boost a company needs to grow initially. So we have devised packages, keeping in mind the needs of all types of clients. Some packages are more affordable than others, and most service packages are sold at economical rates. But, in both cases, you will receive the quality work you want.


We recognize the value of your data as professional eCommerce SEO Company in Toronto. It is extremely important and should never be left in the wrong hands. As a consequence, we maintain a high degree of confidentiality and ensure complete data security. Furthermore, we have a dedicated server that ensures that your data is completely secure.


From some of our clients

We've been leveraging AmitKK's services to label items  for the past year. We were able to launch new goods based on the information that their team provided. All of this was possible because of their efforts.  Amit KK and his team  have been quite helpful, responsive, and conscientious in their job. We hope to keep our relationship going for a long time.

Piyush Madhav

Co-founder FGSI

As a member of the e-commerce sector, I never considered outsourcing E- commerce SEO services because I worked with a modest in-house staff. However, the constant decline in my company's revenues in recent years served as  a red flag to me. Fortunately, one of my ex-colleagues had previously worked with AmitKK, and he advised me to contact them. Within no time, my website's rating and traffic increased dramatically because of the SEO work they did for me.

Dr. Jacob

Owner - Shadanga

Amit KK's services helped me to improve the appearance and operation of my online retail website." I must  say, the results have been excellent. My internet business bloomed after they helped me drive organic traffic to my website. I would love to collaborate with them again

Prashant Chanchal


I needed someone to take care of the Google Product Data Feed for my retail website.  AMITKK's website popped up during my online search for organizations that provide this service, and I contacted them without any delay.  They managed my feeds with great precision, and they deserve praise for acknowledging my demands and delivering them on time.

Ms. Pooja Aggarwal

Owner Hindraj Tea

For all digital marketing services, AMITKK's team is our chosen business partner. They appear to have a fantastic staff of experts on hand. We used their eCommerce catalog conversion services to plan our course for online success. Their well-indexed, SEO-friendly catalogs set them apart from the competition. We are quite delighted with our working relationship and want to use them on future projects.

Mr. Sachin Nagpal

Founder Lohewala

Frequently Asked Questions

New to SEO? Still planning and confused if your website really needs SEO or not? Let us help you by answering some of the most common questions, that perhaps cross your mind.

How to do SEO for an e-commerce website?

The following are the components to do SEO for an e-commerce website:

  • Perform competitor research and content strategy 
  • List out the pages that hold real estate for SEO
  • Keyword research (keyword search volume, cost per click metrics, and user intent)
  • On-page SEO (H1 tags, meta descriptions, optimized product descriptions)
  • Internal linking from ranking pages to other static pages and product pages. 
  • Image optimization (size and title tags)
  • Site Architecture and Page Speed Load
  • Responsive website and mobile optimized
  • Attractive website design
  • Title and URL tags for product pages
  • Canonical tags, resolving 404 and 401 errors, redirects
  • Conduct a regular website SEO audit
Why is SEO important for e-commerce?

When consumers require a good or service, what do they do? Many people use Google to search. They are looking for alternatives, advice, comparisons, and other details to aid in their purchasing.

If you are not getting ranked on these keywords, you will miss out on the potential traffic and business. You will have to eventually run PPC campaigns to overcome the gap. Soon your marketing budget will start taking a pressure to justify the ROI.

Avoid all these by working on your organic SEO. Once visitors arrive at your website, persuade them with the best products, captivating copy, and compelling CTA.

What is e-commerce SEO?

E-commerce SEO means ranking your e-commerce site (product pages) in the search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. It means giving more visibility to your e-commerce site. Search engines show a list of websites for the related keywords allowing you to build traffic digitally.

SEO is the least expensive marketing tool that pays for longer durations. Unlike paid marketing, which gets you results only during a campaign. Businesses would like their e-commerce site to rank and drive more traffic to their product pages. Every product page must drive traffic via SEO.

Which e-commerce platform is best for SEO?

The following SEO platforms are best for SEO:

  • Shopify
  • Woo-commerce
  • Big Commerce
  • Magneto (now known as Adobe Commerce)
  • Square space 
  • Volusion 

The following factors are important while finalizing an e-commerce platform: the cost of the platform, SEO friendly, mobile responsiveness, page speed load, in-built blogging, tutorials and resources, customer care support and tech support, specialized features for product pages, use of plugins, user friendly, URL customization, implementation of other SEO basics such a robot.txt, site architecture, integration of Google Search Console and Analytics and other marketing tools, payment platforms. 

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We have worked hard to diversify our team. To provide our clients with numerous online services, we have assembled the best team of experts around the world. In addition to e-commerce SEO services, you will get help with UI design, WordPress development, mobile app development, and much more. That too, under one roof. Contact our team now, to know further details!

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