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Video SEO Strategy

Among the digital channels, video promotion constitutes the most prominent form of business content promotion to reach a wider audience in a single stance. 

So profound the medium that video promotion almost constitutes 80% of all consumer internet traffic. 

Thus it becomes primarily important to include the videos in your digital marketing plan.

But how do you create an adequate video SEO strategy? In other words, how do you increase the number of Google video views?

This essay will talk about video SEO. We'll look at the actions you may do to improve your video's Google ranks.

Choose the Correct Video Hosting Platform

The best video hosting platform should be selected before optimizing the video to influence Google Rankings.

Why do you want the video to be found on Google? The selection of video hosting platforms defines your motivations. The ideal hosting service for your motives will be determined by two primary variables:

  • Do you want to build your brand and establish yourself as an expert in your industry?
  • Do you wish to increase website traffic or produce new leads for your company?

YouTube and Vimeo are the finest platforms for displaying your films if your main objective is establishing yourself as an authority or building brand awareness.

Although Google can index movies stored on these platforms, visitors will still navigate to the platform itself.

However, if you want to lead visitors to your website, you can do so by using a hosting service like Hippo Video. You can publish videos directly to your website using such platforms. Therefore, visitors will be routed to your website when they rank on Google.

Trending Topics with High Traffic Potential should be Selected

You need to seek topics with a lot of potential for visitors if you want to improve your videos' chances of ranking on Google.

You should take into account the following two things while choosing topics for your videos:

  • Are there Google searches on that subject? A non-searchable topic won’t help you in receiving any traffic. Even if the video appears on Google, the time and effort invested were in vain.
  • Is there "video intent"? Will people prefer to read a blog post or watch a video about that subject when searching online?

Finding themes with a lot of potential traffic is simple with the use of a keyword research tool. You may check how many organic searches a specific keyword receives using keyword research tools.

To determine whether a keyword has "video intent," you must first identify one with a high potential for traffic.

To do this, enter the keyword in a Google search.

The trending topics that are searchable among the users will directly result in your videos being ranked on Google.

The high video intent results in your keywords being ranked higher.

A Video Transcript is a Must Recommended

A video transcript is supposedly meant to transcribe your video’s audio into text form. By employing speech recognition software, adding a transcript to your video is the simplest process possible. A human transcriptionist is an additional option. If you're using a voice recognition program, be sure to adjust the text afterward to make sure it syncs with the audio in your video. Sometimes, the words reflected in the video transcript are misinterpreted by the software. The transcript should be time-coded as well.

But How will a transcript boost video SEO?

Videos cannot be crawled by search engines to determine their content. A transcript is helpful for search engines to grasp the video's content. Video transcript empowers your videos to be indexed and thus helping you to rank on Google.

Transcripts within your movies enhance user experience as well. You may even go further by having your movies translated into different languages. The majority of your viewers will be able to watch your films even if you aren't speaking in their language, thanks to this.

Enhancing user experience helps SEO as well. Google strives to provide users with the greatest results. Therefore, a high dwell time on your video signals to the algorithm that it is valuable. The video will receive credit from Google by rising in the rankings.

Optimize Meta Title and Meta Description

Your video's title and description influence its ranking, similarly to normal blog articles. Spend some time creating a title and description that are search engine friendly. It is very important to include your primary keyword within the video’s title and also in the description to improve search visibility.

Don't just put keywords into your title or description. Incorporate keywords into your phrases organically. Incorporating Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) within the description enhances videos’ visibility.

Your Video should be Embedded

It's recommended practice to add the video you wish to rank first when embedding numerous videos on a page. The search engine ceases to explore further videos passed the first video. Make a certain video the first one the search engine sees if there is one you wish to rank.

To rank your video above the fold, always embed it. Make sure that your users do need not to scroll to the bottom of the page to view the video. Search bots will watch your video if you embed it above the fold. This enhances the chances of your search ranking.

Ensure That Your Video Is Embedded To The Relevant To The Web Page 

In addition to optimizing your video for search, you should also optimize the page where the video will be embedded. Search engines won't bother to crawl a page where you embed a video if it isn't optimized for SEO.

A non-indexed page won’t display your movies within the search engines.

Your videos aren't appearing in Google searches because the websites where you've embedded them aren't being indexed in the first place.

You must incorporate videos into pertinent web pages. Don't, for instance, add a video on "how to program" to a website that discusses "baking pies."

The page and the video cover two distinct topics. Your video should be relevant to the page's keyword theme. By embedding your video on irrelevant pages, you will obliterate all chances of its ranking.

Use An Engaging Thumbnail

When a searcher finds your movie in the SERPs, they will initially see the title and thumbnail for it. Use a thumbnail that will quickly grab their attention, as this is recommended practice. A preferred Call To Action (CTA) is to click on your thumbnail.

Here are some easy steps you can follow to make a great thumbnail:

  • Never utilize a still image from your video as your thumbnail; this is a common mistake that individuals make. Designing a unique thumbnail is considered among the best practices. Spend some time taking a captivating photo that will serve as the thumbnail. In addition, the photograph will be of higher quality than a still taken from a video.
  • Make sure your thumbnail has the right aspect ratio: Google suggests using a 16:9 aspect ratio for thumbnails. Your video thumbnail might be cropped or appear zoomed out if it has a different aspect ratio.
  • A thumbnail should reflect the subject of the video. For example, if the topic of a video is how to ride a horse, the thumbnail should display a horse within.

Video Timestamps should be Added

Timestamps create important moments within the Google search results.

Timestamps refer to these crucial events. Timestamps aid the search engine in completely comprehending the subject matter of your movie. Recall that we previously stated that search engines could not crawl the video. Timestamps will help bots better crawl your video.

Google says this in a statement:

"Search will show connections to crucial parts inside the video when you search for things like how-to videos that involve numerous steps or long films like speeches or documentaries. You'll be able to quickly scan a video to determine whether it contains the information you need and locate the pertinent part of the story.


Follow the tips shared in the post to improve the Google ranking of your videos. Finding topics with a high potential for traffic is the key. You may make it easier for search algorithms to understand the content of your videos by optimizing the title, description, and timestamps. Don't forget to provide a captivating thumbnail.

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