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Top WordPress Development Company in Toronto

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WordPress is a great method to create the online presence of your business. It is very essential to create an online presence for your company. WordPress works wonders when there is a limited budget for website development. The SEO potential of WordPress is its biggest advantage. The WordPress developed by us offers a plethora of extensions to ensure that their website is search engine friendly. The website receives huge traffic and your business flourishes extensively.

  • Custom WordPress Themes

    Custom WordPress Themes

  • Regular Websites

    Regular Websites

  • eCommerce Websites

    eCommerce Websites

  • Mobile Responsive

    Mobile Responsive

  • Easy Maintenance

    Easy Maintenance

  • Page Speed

    Page Speed

Custom WordPress Themes

We don't buy themes from anywhere and instead design our WordPress themes. This provides us with a lot of power over any changes you may require. In addition, custom themes are simpler to create, customize, and maintain than commercial themes. We are the best WordPress website development company in Toronto, Canada having created over 200 WordPress themes. Rest assured, you'll be in full control of every aspect of your website.

Custom themes have many advantages over commercial pieces. For one, they are simpler to create, customize, and maintain. This is because you are working with only the code you need rather than sorting through excess code that comes with pre-made themes. Custom themes also allow you total command over your website. To suit your demands, you may alter any element of the functionality or design. If you have a clear vision for your website, this is very beneficial.

Finally, custom themes are often more affordable than commercial themes. This is so that you have to pay for the time spent developing the piece rather than the total price. If you are looking for a WordPress website development company in Canada, look no further than our team of experts. As a WordPress website development company in Canada, we have designed over 200 WordPress themes, and we would be happy to help you create the perfect website for your business.

Regular Websites

We consider SEO components like page speed, meta tags, alt tags, and similar things when developing WordPress websites. WordPress websites designed by us score higher on Google than competing frameworks. WordPress is ideal for creating simple websites with little functionality, as pages can be readily built. These pages can then be added to the header or footer using the admin interface. Webmasters do not have to wade through complicated coding for day-to-day operations or simple modifications. Furthermore, the texts on these sites are accessible via the admin panel, where they may be quickly changed for mistakes.

We consider SEO components like page speed, meta tags, alt tags, and similar things while developing WordPress websites. We build WordPress websites that perform better on Google than using alternative frameworks. For several reasons, WordPress is a well-liked website-building platform. One key advantage is that it is relatively easy to use, and you can still create a professional-looking website with WordPress, even for those with no coding experience. This means that pages can be quickly built and added to the site without needing complicated code.

Additionally, the texts on WordPress sites are accessible via the admin panel, making it easy to make changes or corrections as needed. WordPress websites are also frequently less expensive to create than other platforms, making them an excellent choice for small enterprises or personal websites. Overall, WordPress provides an appealing combination of ease of use, affordability, and flexibility that makes it a popular choice.

eCommerce Websites Development

WordPress has a strong eCommerce system thanks to the highly popular woo-commerce plugin. We also build the WordPress website from the ground up, rather than using a pre-built or purchased theme. You may effortlessly upload and edit things for online sale using a WordPress website. It includes an excellent reporting system for reporting as well as email generating for product sales. Our woo-commerce-based WordPress themes are highly adaptable and do not require any changes inside the WordPress framework.

You don't need to make any changes to the WordPress foundation to use woo-commerce-based WordPress themes because they are very versatile. You may upload and edit products and services for online sale utilizing a WordPress website. WordPress comes with pretty robust reporting system and automatic mail generation for sales.

Our team of experts can help you set up an e-commerce website quickly and easily, so you can start selling your products or services online with confidence.

Our themes provide a great e-commerce experience for your customers, thanks to the viral woo-commerce plugin. Moreover, rather than utilizing a pre-built or purchased theme, our WordPress websites are constructed from the bottom up. This allows us to tailor the website specifically to your needs and wants. You may relax knowing that your e-commerce website will be distinctive and alluring.

Mobile Responsive Website

WordPress websites are completely mobile responsive, thanks to the use of bootstrap. In addition, WordPress readily incorporates other libraries such as bootstrap, jquery, and others. Mobile responsiveness is essential as many people access the web through their mobiles. However, using a web interface for mobile can drive away that traffic because it's hard to navigate through on mobile.

Mobile responsiveness is essential for any website that wants to stay competitive in today's market. People are increasingly accessing the internet through their mobile devices, and if a website isn't optimized for mobile, likely, users will likely go elsewhere. Creating a separate mobile site usually means duplicating content, which can lead to confusion and frustration for users.

WordPress websites are automatically responsive thanks to bootstrap, meaning that they adjust automatically to the device screen size. WordPress also easily integrates other libraries like bootstrap, jquery, and others, which improves its mobile responsiveness even more. In addition, WordPress websites are easy to update and maintain, meaning you only have to worry about one version of your site. Because of this, WordPress is an excellent option for companies that want to guarantee that all users can access their websites.

Easy Website Maintenance

We offer nearly free minor maintenance services. However, if you require frequent maintenance, the costs are also reasonable. We know what we've created and are proud of it. However, websites created by others are a jumble, and altering them needs more effort.

Websites need to be pruned and maintained regularly to flourish. Many website owners neglect their online spaces, and as a result, their sites become overrun with broken links, outdated information, etc. Not only does this give visitors a wrong impression, but it can also hurt your search engine rankings and make it difficult for people to find your site in the first place.

We offer nearly free minor maintenance services to all of our clients. However, if you require more frequent maintenance, we also offer reasonable rates for our services. We are confident that our websites are simple to use and browse. Our goal is to give our customers the finest service attainable. We'll handle everything so you can concentrate on your business. We'll ensure your website is up to date and looking its best, so you can focus on running your business.

Page Speed Insight

The relatively slow page performance is one of the most challenging difficulties while designing WordPress-based websites. This is quite common in websites built with paid themes. However, when we create themes, it easily exceeds 90 and has even reached a score of 100 out of 100! If your website is built in WordPress, check the page load speed to see the difference we make in WordPress website development.

A website's page speed is essential for several reasons. First, it affects the user experience. If a website loads slowly, visitors will probably lose patience and visit another. Furthermore, search engines use page speed as a ranking factor. This implies that having a slow-loading website may reduce your ability to be found online. Finally, conversion rates are impacted by page speed.

Customers and leads are less likely to remain around and convert if they wait too long for a page to load. We understand the importance of page speed and work hard to ensure that our WordPress websites are fast and responsive. When we design themes, it easily surpasses 90 and has even been as high as 100! With our help, you can improve your website's performance and ensure users have a positive experience from start to finish.

Looking for Best WordPress Development Company in Toronto

Our team of WordPress developers will create the website of your dreams. They listen to your requirements, and help you customize a third-party framework or extension, do extensive CSS tweaks, and oversee the development of your entire website.

The biggest hassle that comes with WordPress is its maintenance. It requires active maintenance after it is launched. When you choose us, you are not only choosing a team of developers but also a team of support. Our support team upgrades your website as soon as the newest features are released. Your website becomes more secure, protected, and even launches faster.

Top-notch technical support

Top-Notch Technical Support

We have built a strong technical team to help you with all the technical assistance you may need. We go beyond website construction to help you with any difficulties in plugin integration and theme modification. Our developers will also teach you how to debug some of the commonly encountered difficulties that may include syntax errors, 404 errors, white screen death, or internal server error.

Easy Customization

Easy Customization

We let you take total control over the website. Select from the available options, and download and install as you go. Choose plugins that are beneficial to your business. Additionally, you can also design elements and alter your codes. Our creative team creates unique designs which are suited to all tastes.

Fluency in several languages

Fluency in Several Languages

Our WordPress developers in Toronto are fluent in a number of languages, which aids in the creation of a strong website with remarkable features. The website's overall appearance and function are improved by the use of several computer languages such as MYSQL, PHP, HTML, and others. Thus a promising website for attracting users is created.



A website must have unique and high-quality content. We understand the importance of such information and the nature of the content that should be included on the website. Once the content part is sorted, the crucial part of optimizing SEO is done. SEO raises your website's search engine ranking, making it more visible. Hence, better results. Its importance is undeniable, and given the benefits, it may provide, we give our full attention to it.



As experienced WordPress developers in Toronto, we understand the importance of your data. It is vital and should never fall in the wrong hands. As a result, while converting from another CMS to WordPress, we retain a high level of secrecy and guarantee the entire protection of all your data. Furthermore, we have a dedicated server that keeps your data 100% safe.

Why Do You Need A

WordPress Developers in Toronto?

Creating and designing a WordPress website requires expertise and creativity. It also comes with a lot of technical challenges. So, if you are struggling, then hiring a WordPress developer in Toronto is the best option for you. Seasoned WordPress developers have the expertise required to build websites that meet your requirement and challenge your competitor out of the market. So, without giving it a second thought, book the best WordPress development company in Toronto.

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From some of our clients

Over the last three months, our blog's performance has dramatically increased. About 13,000 more people have clicked on our posts, and the blog's average search engine rank has increased as well. AMITKK WordPress development company in Toronto effectively oversees the interaction with frequent meetings and quick responses. Any problems will be addressed, and they will work hard to achieve speedy progress.

Dr. Jacob

Owner - Shadanga

Our website is now highly functioning thanks to AMITKK's addition of helpful features and the elimination of issues. The depth of technical expertise and resources provided by AMITKK are amazing. A team of the best WordPress developers in Toronto has outstanding information, resources, and processes to offer and is very communicative, making them a wonderful long-term partner with deep technical understanding.

Dr. Ankur Jain

Owner - Whitesmile

In keeping with our main objective, AMITKK has created a website that is simple to manage for non-programmers. Every update is expertly planned and carried out by the team, guaranteeing that the customer has a decent staging area for their content modifications. Instead of obtaining what we believe we need, they make sure we receive what we need. Top WordPress development company in Toronto.

Rajeev Goel

Founder Fintree Money

Internal stakeholders praised the excellent website that AMITKK produced and effectively reflected the new corporate concept. To encourage transparency and avoid unanticipated expense increases, they frequently offered updates. Their adaptability made the relationship effective. Team of best WordPress developers in Toronto.

Debashish Bal

Owner TGOP

The user traffic and the typical amount of time spent on pages have grown since the new website went live. The team produced top-notch designs that set them up for success in the future with the customer and others. To provide us with the exact UX we desired, they made sure they were communicating openly with our non-tech team. One of the best WordPress development companies in Toronto. Highly Recommended

Prateek Suri

Sales and Marketing Manager

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