Voice Search Optimization - Tips and Strategies

Voice Search Optimization - Tips and Strategies

Search Engine Optimization is the key for any digital marketing strategy to accelerate brand visibility and business growth. Digital marketing is an ever evolving field where every day some new trend or technique evolves. As a leading digital marketing company, we stay updated with the latest trends and incorporate the changes into our SEO strategies. 

Talking about the ‘in-trend’ SEO strategies, Voice search optimization is something that is creating a lot of buzzes and increasingly becoming crucial to boost the search results. For beginners, let us understand the concept of voice search first. Voice search is an advanced dialog system. A user can search for something with the help of a voice command. The speech recognition technology enables the users for that. We popularly find this feature on smartphones as a service to perform a voice-enabled search.

Now, SEO aims to optimize the search results by increasing the visibility of a webpage to answer the questions of people through verbal searches is called voice search optimization. Voice search optimization is a process for upgrading and streamlining the information available on a webpage to ensure it appears against relevant voice searches.

Why you cannot miss out on this surging technology of voice search taking the market by storm?

For this very fundamental reason, the voice is the best communication tool that we, humans have. Therefore, voice search is a convenient option for most people.

The smartphone revolution, caught developers and marketers off guard who have been trying to catch up ever since. Now, the same kind of upheaval is being created by the voice search feature enabled by popular iOS and Android apps and devices. Some of the popular voice search applications include Google Assistant or smart assistant devices, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and many more getting added to the list each day.

Let’s look at the statistics to understand better the increasing importance of voice technology-enabled search on various devices, 

  • The smart speaker market is predicted to grow by $30 billion by 2024. This includes the stand-alone devices with the power of responding to spoken commands in system-generated voices.
  • 34% of people not owning a voice assistant device are willing in possess one. This indicates the growth opportunities of voice search.
  • After the outbreak of COVID-19, voice search is gaining more popularity. Gartner report suggests that 32% of consumers are opting for hands-free technology to avoid contamination. They also predicted that the browsing sessions would include almost 30% of the voice search.
  • More than 55% of the people use voice search to find nearby local businesses. If you are a SEMs or own a local business Voice search optimization is a must for you.
  • By 2023, the eCommerce industry to grow by more than $80 billion per year based on voice search as per the Juniper Research report. The Pandemic contributed to the surge in online shopping. With the influx of new product range on online marketplaces, demand for voice-centric user experiences is bound to shoot up.

Voice Search is the Future of SEO. 7 Ready-to-use hacks to optimize your SEO campaigns.

Now that you understood why it is so important to include voice search in your SEO Marketing, you must also know the approach you need to take for making it effective to deliver the desired outcome. Implement these 7 easy strategies to taste quick success through voice search optimization. 

  • Streamline the content

Voice search is now the most widely used search option. So, restructuring the content accordingly to make it appear on voice searches is the key to driving more leads to your website. It can help you get better reach as it enhances your appearance on voice search queries, based on keywords. Use pointers to make the content more attractive to be found by Google crawler and improve ranking. 

  • Quality response optimization

Make sure you optimize rich quality answers as this is what is going to help you to the web search results. Content should be engaging and relevant. Quality can be the key differentiator to targeting and retaining the target group. Like regular search, for voice search optimization also Google crawler finds the best response from various sites to appear against a voice search. It also keeps rotating; therefore, consistency will play a major role.  

  • Relevance of content 

Content should address the queries of the voice searchers comprehensively. It should give them insights, and inform and educate them on the pertaining topic. The underlying objective for you could be to position your product and service and push sales. But first, try to set the context with relevance. So, keep in mind relevance of content is as important as quality. 

  • The keyword is the key

The keyword is the key to regular SEO, and so is video search optimization. To make an effective strategy, knowing the keywords is fundamental. You need to know it for your business so that you accordingly predict the questions to be answered through your content. Little research and understanding of the potential TG and buyers’ behavior can also help greatly, here. Also, do not forget to use keywords in the page URL.

  • Easy navigation and a better experience

Beyond the quality of the web content, it is important to also ensure a good user experience for strong SEO rankings. Web developers must ensure the navigation is easy and intuitive. Each of the links should work and takes the visitors to the information that they desire. The smooth user journey is very important to hold the users who visit your web page through a voice search. 

  • Create a mobile-first user experience

Research indicates, that when it comes to voice search mobile beats all other platforms. It is the go-to platform for voice search queries. Therefore, while building the Voice Search Optimization strategy make sure you consider this factor and deliver the right user experience for a mobile platform.   

  • Use of natural and mostly used language

Based on your target group, you should decide the tonality of the content. Using mechanical language can reduce the chance of appearing in voice search results. Try to keep a conversational language. This helps in making the search easy and also more impactful.

Not yet started your voice search optimization journey? You are surely missing out on a great opportunity to scale up your business. Try implementing the suggestions and see your business growing in no time.

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