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Prashant Chanchal

The website offers puja services and other hindu rituals services as well. Built on Laravel using livewire, Tailwind and Alpine JS, the website encompasses lots of functionalities. Its high page speed and the whole structure helps it to get ranked on more than 60 keywords in the first couple of months of SEO.

The website is a substantial undertaking in and of itself because it combines goods, services, and membership plans. On the second page, there are roughly 70 additional keywords that will shortly be on the first page in a month.

This result is the consequence of our methodical SEO strategy, which concentrated on developing content and organizing links around it. The selection of keywords was done carefully, along with an analysis of the competition's activity. The website receives rankings for at least 10 keywords each month while pursuing more than 25 other keywords.

SEO portfolio for Prashant Chanchal

Ms. Pooja Aggarwal

The client is in the business of selling various types of tea in India. The highly competitive tea industry is fueled by branding. Before making a purchase, users carefully consider their options. Low traffic and fierce competition characterize the industry's keywords. In order to increase revenue, most websites use AdWords and ads with little to no emphasis on organic SEO.

Before beginning its digital marketing campaign, the entire website was optimized for SEO. The mapping of keywords to sites and blogs was done with care. The content writing team performed an excellent job of developing text that accurately represented the items and articles while incorporating the right keywords for SEO.

We were able to gain ranking on more than 15 keywords in the first three months by using White-hat methodical SEO strategy, which is a great accomplishment for the tea industry.

SEO portfolio for Ms. Pooja Aggarwal

Mr. Deepanshu Budhija

The site, which was created in WordPress by our website building team, began to show rank on an astounding amount of keywords within just 6 weeks. The client offers pupils highly specialized educational programs. Our SEO experts carefully selected the target keywords, taking into account traffic and competition. Once the keywords were decided upon, we assigned them to specific pages and created content to match.

The use of guest blogging to increase traffic and backlinks was widespread. After six weeks, when ranking began to emerge and traffic began to steadily increase, the effort began to pay off.

SEO portfolio for Mr. Deepanshu Budhija

Our Project

We get at least two leads on weekdays and five on weekends through organic SEO. Our website outperforms competitors in the same business on more than 80 keywords. Digital marketing companies run Google AdWords campaigns to rank on keywords which we get organically. This makes organic SEO as our most important development channel.

This is the strength of natural SEO.

Our SEO team consistently produces content with various keywords in mind. Every month, we add roughly 50 new keywords to the list, gradually improving our ranking positions. The quality material that our SEO team and writers are able to provide on a regular basis is the foundation of our outstanding performance. The SEO staff closely monitors the industry's trends and competitors.

SEO portfolio for Our Project

Study Spectrum

The educational tool Study Spectrum, offers teachers and students video tutorials, test series, and other educational advantages. Our SEO team focuses on improving both the YouTube channel's SEO and the website's ranking for chosen keywords. After some time, we managed to build a YouTube subscriber base of about 30.000 active users.

Our SEO team focuses on the search terms that instructors, parents, and students use. Through interesting blogs and articles we write, these keywords are carefully targeted. As a consequence, the website ranks on the first page for more than 100 of the entire 600 keywords it is targeting. Every month, we have more than 5000 visitors, practically all of whom are unique.

SEO portfolio for Study Spectrum

India Enigma

Our travel offering, India Enigma, promotes India as a travel destination. The website beautifully depicts the many tourism locations in India. The website tries to connect with users who are considering visiting a specific location with its original concept.

A strong keyword research formed the basis of each destination page with emphasis on traffic and competition. After choosing the right keywords, pages were developed with those keywords in mind.

On the first page, the website ranks for more than 50 keywords, and on the second page, it ranks for almost 120 keywords. The SEO team's careful preparation and execution have been producing consistent results for us.

SEO portfolio for India Enigma

Vivek Sharma

Our SEO team is passionate about helping brands achieve success by using well-planned strategies backed by data and extensive research and Pawrulz is no exception. We very recently collaborated with a pet product website called Pawrulz, and the goal was to make sure the brand attracts more pawsome pet owners.

We started with the website revamp and then started working on ranking the keywords in search results. We had to make sure that potential customers searching for things like "interactive cat feeders" or "calming chews for dogs" could easily find Pawrulz's amazing selection. We made use of tools to identify keywords pet owners were searching for. This helped Pawrulz target the right audience and ensure their website showed up at the top of search results.

We optimized Pawrulz's product descriptions and crafted informative blog posts about pet care and product features. This made their website not only SEO-friendly but also a valuable resource for pet lovers. We gave Pawrulz's website a technical SEO checkup, ensuring it was mobile-friendly, loaded quickly, and easy for search engines to navigate. By targeting the right keywords, creating informative content, and making their website search engine-friendly, we helped them connect with more pet owners and grow their business.

SEO portfolio for Vivek Sharma

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