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Founder of Amitkk

Amit Kumar Khare


Amit is an inspiring entrepreneur. His 8 years in the Indian Air Force. His love for digital technology and coding is what has made it possible for Amit to be successful as an entrepreneur. Amit is a master of React JS, Node JS, Laravel, and WordPress coding. He is highly capable of handling projects related to all the above coding platforms.

Many firms and hotels\' marketing plans have been greatly influenced by Amit.

Founder of Amitkk

Navneet Khare

Creative Director

Navneet is a master of UI design and takes great pride in his work. He is always looking for ways to improve the user experience on websites. His creative spirit and technical knowledge have brought the organization to great heights and have earned him the respect of his peers. He is passionate about creating an intuitive user interface.

Navneet is a passionate animator who enjoys making videos.

Founder of Amitkk

Nripendra Patel

BD Head - Madhya Pradesh

Nripendra's entrepreneurial journey began 15 years ago when he ventured into the construction and education sectors. His passion has seen him take immense pride in managing the Business Development and operations at AmitKK. In this capacity, he has been able to draw on his technical background and interpersonal skills.

He is quite knowledgeable about technology and how things might be expanded in other industries.

Founder of Amitkk

Sumit Khare

BD Head - Mumbai

Sumit is an adept professional who has a deep understanding of the educational system as well as experience in business development. He is highly successful in establishing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders in tier 2 and 3 cities. He is passionate about providing educational opportunities to those who are often overlooked, and his work has made a significant impact on the educational landscape of these cities.

Founder of Amitkk

Debashish Bal

BD Head

Debashish is a true visionary and leader, guiding his team from the front. He always encourages collaboration between different departments to ensure successful project delivery. His programming knowledge helps his clients to understand their requirements better and get the best out of their investments. With a good sense of humor and a warm personality, Debashish knows how to make his team feel comfortable and motivated.

Working with Debashish is enjoyable in and of itself because he makes complex issues seem simple through quick thinking and solution delivery.

Founder of Amitkk

Parveen Bahmania

SEO Head

Parveen is a Google certified digital marketing expert with exceptional knowledge of online marketing elements including SEO, analytics, social media optimization, content, and email marketing.

Parveen has extensive experience in helping clients create, implement and manage effective digital marketing strategies. He successfully works on over 100+ national and international projects. He is an expert in analyzing key metrics to identify areas of improvement and making data-driven decisions to optimize campaigns.

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