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We are a respected and highly qualified mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada dedicated to creating the best mobile app for you.

Mobile App Development Company Toronto

Mobile app development services in Canada

Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development Services

Assured results

As the leading mobile app development company in Canada, AMITKK excels at helping clients create high-quality and optimized user experiences that draw people to our services. Our mobile applications feature attractive designs focusing on usability and navigation so users quickly find what they need.

We cover the full range of mobile app needs, from the Android and IOS platforms to hybrid models. Additionally, our apps have an extensive admin panel offering tools, analytics, and reports at your fingertips to ensure you're always informed about usage data and trends. Let us help you take advantage of this mobile revolution with a fully-fledged mobile app that projects your service above your competitors.

Mobile App Development Cost

Starting @ CAD 1500

App development can be expensive, depending on your chosen type and the features required. Generally, a basic Android or iOS app will cost around CAD 1200 to create, while a hybrid app in React Native or Flutter will typically run to about CAD 1500. An admin panel is often included in the cost, priced at approximately CAD 500. However, there are extra charges for domain registration and hosting fees which must also be factored into the overall expense. Ultimately, the amount an app will cost you depends on its scope of work and features; an app with more complex requirements could easily have higher costs than one with more limited needs.

Why Choose us for Mobile App Development Services

No matter the size of your app project, AMITKK is a go-to mobile app development provider ready to create custom apps that run smoothly and precisely meet all requirements. Our skilled professionals hold certificates in modern programming languages, including Flutter, React, Java, and iOS. We offer unparalleled benefits, including on-time delivery and budget control, extensive research & analysis for truly unique UI/ UX designs, robust load testing, and assistance from our relatively experienced development team.

If you're seeking reliable partners to turn your ideas into reality today - give us a call. We are always ready to help!

Service Costing Why Us?

Build a Smooth Mobile App

Mobile apps have emerged as pne of the most profitable digital tool in business development. There are four million apps on the Google Play Store, contributing to the revenue of millions of dollars. Mobile apps developed by us are a one-stop-shop for your brand for providing all pertinent brand information and services. Updates are done regularly, which attracts more customers.

  • iOS App Development

    iOS App Development

  • Android App Development

    Android App Development

  • Web App Development

    Web App Development

  • Hybrid App Development

    Hybrid App Development

  • Regular Updates

    Regular Updates

iOS App Development

For entrepreneurs and small enterprises, we provide customized iOS app development services. Our skilled and dedicated developers now offer native Apple TV, iPod, iPhone, and Apple Watch support. Our working pros have years of experience in the development area and have worked with a variety of clients. Our developers promise to provide the most efficient and high-quality iOS application development services.

Our iOS app development company go beyond simple coding and design; instead, we inject life and emotion into the apps, enticing users with stunning user interfaces and powerful features. We will develop result-driven iOS app strategies that support your corporate objectives and enable you to dominate your market. Our human-centric designs for iOS apps are a true game-changer, from establishing simple user journeys to engaging user interactions. When it comes to using the newest and safest iOS app development technology for our clients, we are consistently one step ahead of our rivals. We ensure that we only give the finest outcomes by basing our technology recommendations on the business objectives.

Android App Development

Our Android app development services are backed by over a decade of expertise. For a dependable solution, use our Android app developers. We are the most popular and efficient android app development company, offering a long-term partnership with our company and its broad designing and production process. We provide unique solutions as well as appealing mobile applications that work smoothly and without issues. Our professionals are up for any task, and they stay up to date on the latest trends.

We provide the full development life cycle as an Android application development company, from business analysis and design through development and Play Store release. For fledgling businesses and startups, Android is frequently recommended. With the help of our Android development services, established companies and their SME counterparts can benefit from the platform in every way. We are an Android development company that offers scalability and has experience in all facets of Android app development. Get unique solutions that are simple to scale and to launch if you want to change the performance of your business quickly. We offer lightning-fast Android app development services.

Web App Development

We create unique and customized app designs based on the needs of the business. We focus on developing a unique and engaging UI that the users will find easy to understand and enhance the user experience. Our app developer will find the right balance of design and optimization for the app.

Our software solutions are versatile, scalable, and most importantly, safe thanks to our extensive experience with mobile, online, and back-end platforms. While certain software requirements can be satisfied with customized off-the-shelf goods, others need a specially created software solution. Whatever approach you choose, it must not only meet your demands but also change as your firm expands. We create programs that benefit both your company and your users. No matter the platform, whether it's a marketing website, a complex corporate platform and data storage, or a responsive web app, our online solutions operate without a hitch and offer users a consistent user experience. We combine back-end, front-end, and architecture using cutting-edge development methodologies to help your business needs.

Hybrid App Development

We are a well known hybrid app development company that offers specialist hybrid app development services to businesses and startups. Because of our years of experience, we can create scalable hybrid mobile apps that engage users and boost ROI. With the aid of our hybrid mobile app development services, you can quickly create a high-quality hybrid app for your business that meets all of your specific requirements. Your investment will be profitable because hybrid applications offer a greater user experience and can function flawlessly alongside other native apps on smartphones. As a result, your audience and sales increase.

Our team of hybrid app developers is made up of qualified UX designers, software engineers, and visual designers with their knowledge and experience of mobile web development technologies. They assist you in creating dependable, scalable, and robust hybrid mobile applications quickly and effectively using their significant knowledge and experience. With the aid of our hybrid mobile app development services, you can quickly create a high-quality hybrid app for your business that meets all of your specific requirements. Your investment will be profitable because hybrid applications offer a greater user experience and can function flawlessly alongside other native apps on smartphones. As a result, your audience and sales increase.

Regular Updates

We constantly monitor the performance of your mobile apps and provide regular updates. This keeps the apps functioning smoothly with minimum glitches and downtime. We make sure the app is always running smoothly and resolve any bugs as soon as they are detected.

Why Work With Us

Our digital team does thorough research on your brand base and brand moto. With effective planning and understanding, we devise customized apps that take your brand to the next level. The enhanced user interface in the apps manufactured by us provides a smooth interaction between your brand and your customers.

The customers are satisfied with all aspects. With the use of cutting-edge technology across varied platforms, we help your business develop revenues that are exceptionally high. So, whether you are looking to increase operating profit or grow your brand, contact our team today!

Brand Communication

Brand Communication

An effective way for a brand to grow is by developing a connection with its customer base. An app is a place where the client finds everything about the brand. The offers, the sales, the memberships, and whatnot. We deliver these messages to your customers on your behalf. Alerting them with push notifications, lucrative offers, memberships, and cashback, we effectively boost your business. Customers are happy, and businesses also save money.



While developing an app, paramount importance is given to security. Our apps are tested repeatedly to omit any flaws and optimize their performance. Our apps securely store and transmit your data and keep it encrypted. Any security threats are thus minimized, providing you flawless customer feedback.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Communication is the key to building an effective business strategy. Before starting with a project, it is essential to have a clear idea of the goals, aims, and objectives of the app. Our developers connect with us on a one-on-one basis to discuss ideas that go with the face of your business. All strategies are discussed, and the decision is left to the clients. Once the clients land on a proposal, work starts immediately, and updates are sent regularly to the team. Any amendments, changes, and suggestions are taken into consideration till the process is complete.

Affordable packages

Affordable Packages

Both individual and package services are available for clients to choose from. The app development market is a steaming one, yet we offer apps for all operating systems at affordable rates. Our in-house team of talented developers helps us to beat the market for prices!

Excellent Delivery

Excellent Delivery

Even if we are working on several projects at a time, our developers are competent to deliver your project on time. Whereas several companies require an adequate amount of time to build an app, we make it ready for you in a limited time span without compromising the quality of your product.

Lets Go For

Mobile App Development Company in Toronto

To beat the competition, it is important to keep an engagement with the users. This might sound challenging at first, but after working with us, this puzzle will be solved in no time. A plethora of attractive templates, designs and rates are given to the clients to choose from. The client selects the best templates for the up-gradation of their websites, and our team starts the work. The website is then designed to draw and retain more traffic which ultimately leads to more business.

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From some of our clients

AMITKK delivered the app effectively, overcoming obstacles and accommodating scope creep along the way. Even though there were time zone differences, the team was prompt, adaptable, and very responsive. They also gave an exceptional performance, which helped us trust them as a partner. They appear to genuinely care about us succeeding.

Arun Singh

Owner Tech Reflects

Even though there are only a few quantitative measures available, the business is pleased with the app. Users have sent them favorable reviews. AMITKK has been open to communication and prompt error correction. Their services are quite affordable, and they also take responsibility for the project.

Vivek Bakode

Owner- Pakwaan Factory

The client's needs were successfully represented in the features that AMITKK implemented. During our start meeting, they outlined a concise strategy and went above and above to keep us informed. A clear plan was followed throughout the project by the communicative team, who also provided frequent updates, swiftly addressed our issues, and managed an orderly and effective workflow.



AMITKK is still actively collaborating with us to address technical problems and develop upgrades that raise the calibre of the app. Their flexibility and accommodativeness foster a friendly, collaborative work environment that guarantees a successful commercial relationship. They have outstanding project management abilities and are always open to respond to our questions and concerns

Rishi Kumar

Owner - Profiling

AMITKK did fantastic work and produced a top-notch app. The team was really prompt, communicative, and professional. They showed to be quite educated in their industry and were also very understanding of the client's complicated schedule. The people with whom I talked were quite polite and knowledgeable.

Dr. Jacob

Owner - Shadanga

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