Technical SEO Audit Services in Toronto

Technical SEO will help you enhance your website to give better results

Technical SEO Audit Services in Toronto

Technical SEO services in Canada

Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO Services

Assured results

AMITKK is a professional digital marketing company that provides comprehensive Technical SEO services to increase the visibility of your website in Canada. From developing an effective site structure and optimizing your code for search engines to working on backend performance tuning and creating a listing on popular business directories, AMITKK can do it all. We also provide keyword research, meta-tag optimization, content creation strategies, competition analysis, link building, and more. So if you're looking to rank your website organically in the top search engine results pages (SERPs), AMITKK's Technical SEO experts are ready to help you.

Technical SEO Cost

Starting @ CAD 500

SEO services can be beneficial when it comes to increasing visibility, reach, and engagement. AMITKK provides Technical SEO services that can help take your website to the top of its potential. Their technical SEO plans are designed to ensure your website is optimized for search engine results and visitors alike. You will know precisely what you are paying for with a flat monthly rate that covers all aspects of their comprehensive service, including crawls, minification of code, metadata optimization, analytics tracking integration, and more. The investment is worth it to enjoy an improved page rank and ensure a smooth user experience on your website.

Why Choose us for Technical SEO Services

AMITKK stands out among technical SEO services providers, offering exceptional services. Our SEO team provides comprehensive solutions tailored to your business needs, from website optimization to keyword research. They also stay updated on the latest trends in search engine algorithms, ensuring that their strategies and tactics always take full advantage of the opportunities available. Furthermore, our SEO experts understand the importance of relevant, quality content and will work to help you create it. With AMITKK as your partner in success, you can take your digital marketing to the next level!

Service Costing Why Us?

Technical SEO That Brings Results

  • Technical Site Audits

    Technical Site Audits

  • Website Migration

    Website Migration

  • Speed Optimization

    Speed Optimization

  • Structured Data Markup

    Structured Data Markup

  • Image Optimization

    Image Optimization

Technical Site Audits

We conduct a comprehensive SEO technical audit to identify and resolve technical SEO issues with your website. Mobile performance, internal link structure, XML sitemap, page speed, indexation, crawl problems, robots.txt, and site architecture are all included in the audit. We develop short- and long-term solutions based on the analytics results to improve your visitors' website experience and improve your Google rankings.

Website Migration

A website's transfer is a delicate operation. Create a robust migration strategy to avoid losing key traffic. We provide SEO-friendly website migration services, which involve reviewing analytics performance, updating all internal links, mapping all changed URLs from the old domain to the new domain, deleting duplicate content, dealing with 404 pages, and tracking traffic and rankings.

Website PageSpeed Optimization

Page speed has a serious impact on your ranking and, more significantly, the online experience of your potential clients. File compression enabled by our technical SEO specialists reduces the size of your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files. We also decrease redirection, optimize your code, use browser caching, and use content delivery networks (CDNs) to improve server response time.

Structured Data Markup

You can make it effortless for search engines to crawl, interpret, and show your material by using schema markup. Data tags are assigned, HTML is constructed, and schema markup is appended to your website development. Our Technical SEO team uses Google's Structured Data Testing Tool to test your markup and diagnose any issues.

Image Optimization

Large graphics slow the performance of your website and drive away visitors. With technical SEO for eCommerce, you may speed up your site's load time and attract more customers. Our experts will determine the best file format for you, optimize your alt attributes, compress your images, use image sitemaps, and make the most of image optimization plugins.

Your Way To An Error Free Website

With our technical SEO services, you can give your brand the foundation it needs to scale up its marketing success. We fix any faults or bugs on your website that are obstructing your SEO efforts. Our development team collaborates with our SEO team to ensure that all of our websites are error-free.

Today, having a device-agnostic market reach is critical to having more outstanding conversions. It would be beneficial to include the brand's responsive code, aligned creative components, and flexible service functionality into the technical execution. To get the best results, you should prioritize other SEO marketing plans and keep track of the technical optimization timeframe. At AMITKK, we make sure that our clients are in charge of all aspects of the technical SEO project.

Technical SEO Services

Looking Technical SEO Audit Services in Toronto?

Better SEO Results

Once we have worked through your website and all the issues are solved, you will see your SEO results get better gradually. This is because technical SEO will enhance your website, and it will automatically make your website rank higher.

Boost In Conversion Rates

With Technical SEO services, each page of your website will be optimized from an SEO perspective that will affect the overall conversion rates in a good way. Each page will be indexed properly and have a targeted keyword as well. This will give a chance for all the pages to rank and will increase visibility as well as conversion rates as well.

Increased User Experience

A good user experience is important for both the audience and google's crawlers. Slow loading speed, poor image quality and meaningless content can drive the traffic away and result in a negative impression. When people stay on your site longer, Google's algorithm thinks that your site is loved by people and hence will rank it higher. Technical SEO makes sure that your site provides a good user experience.

Experienced Team

Our SEO experts have been a part of this industry for a long, long time now. They know all the way through which SEO can be improved and how to cope with the constant updates as well. All this experience is fruitful when we easily rank your website and bring you organic growth. This experience also ensures that we deliver you quality results and avoid any slips in our SEO strategies and implementation.

Long-Term Results

Since we only use white-hat techniques, our strategies provide you with results for a long time. They won't just stop working someday. Our technical SEO team will make sure that your website stays optimized and will keep solving any issues as soon as they show up, giving them a permanent fix.

Timely Reporting

We recognize that, in the end, you require results. Knowing what we did and didn't do is reassuring, but you want to see results. That's why, at the conclusion of each month, we provide you with a full report on what we accomplished and what we didn't. Every month, all of the previous month's findings are compiled into a report and given to you. It also aids us in determining what is and is not working for you. Aside from that, it provides you with peace of mind. We are also available to schedule a meeting with you and discuss your progress at any time.


From some of our clients

Amit has been a huge help with our web marketing efforts. Amit and his team were able to come on board and turn our website's position around after a few years of badly managed SEO. Excellent reporting and communication from our campaign manager and outreach staff. We will continue to employ AmitKK's SEO services for many more years!

Mr. Sachin Nagpal

Founder Lohewala

For us, working with AmitKK was a critical decision. We were about to launch a huge cross-media campaign in a few months, and the site was brand new. We wanted to dominate brand name and related term searches in addition to rankings. It was a fast-paced project, and their consistent performance is why we're still working with them after seven months.

Mathew Jacobs

Founder Mugigs

To be really honest, I wasn't too sure when they said we could see the progress just within 3 months. But you guys actually made that happen. After planning and conducting a few meetings, everything you guys did just worked. I signed up at the start just to call out your bluff. As many people say, SEO takes time to show results. I'm extremely satisfied with the organic growth, and I would recommend your services to everyone.

Mr. Deepanshu Budhija

Owner Pynet Labs

AMITKK provided outstanding digital marketing service in Toronto! They keep you updated on a frequent basis and send you reports on a regular basis. Furthermore, they respond fast to inquiries and always provide a thorough response. We've been working on this project for two months only, but we've already seen excellent results. Strongly suggested!

Nishant Gupta

Owner - Trueloans

Amit and his team are highly recommended for SEO. My business has gone through the roof in just a few months as a small business owner! Responds quickly to emails and thoroughly answers and explains all of my questions. After being let down by a few other SEO agency in Toronto, I'm finally certain that my website is in good hands.

Ms Priya

Founder KionOverseas

Frequently Asked Questions

New to SEO? Still planning and confused if your website really needs SEO or not? Let us help you by answering some of the most common questions, that perhaps cross your mind.

How to Conduct a Technical SEO Site Audit?

Technical SEO is the most ignored part as it is very tricky to understand and implement. Due to rising competition, marketers cannot afford to ignore technical SEO. Owning a website that is fast, secure, and crawlable has been the most essential aspect to ensure the site performs well and ranks better in search engines.

We can conduct a Technical SEO audit by Crawling the website, Spotting the indexations and crawlability issues, checking for technical on-page elements, analysing the internal links, checking the external links, assessing the performance and speed of the site, and determining if the site is mobile friendly.

Why is Technical SEO Important?

Search engine optimization is a very essential part of any digital marketing strategy. SEO is a reliable digital marketing tactic that is here to stay for a long and is irreplaceable.
Technical SEO helps search engines index and rank your website while ensuring a good user experience. Imagine users coming to your website to find broken links or images missing. This won’t give a good user experience and Google will hence bring your SERP down. This is where technical SEO comes into the picture.
If the website loads quickly, is secure, and has no dead links, then the search engine prioritizes such a website over the slower and non-responsive ones. Creating a strong technical foundation helps with a better user experience that triggers search engine crawlers to notice and prioritize your website.

What are Some of the Common Technical SEO issues with Shopify?

Shopify or any other website framework has the same basics and the choice of technology does not make difference.

  • Duplicate Content: This is a common challenge and content quality and it being plagiarism free impacts your SEO.
  • Duplicate Meta Tags – Ensure your SEO team has not forgotten to put the meta tag. Websites, plugins, and SEO tools generally have these capabilities to point out the pages
  • Forced URL Structure – Ensure you follow the basics of creating the right URLs, especially the dynamic ones.
  • Robots.txt – It’s a small and simple page that helps search engine crawlers in reading your website.
  • Page Structure and Hierarchy – Make sure the basics of the page like a good and clear h1, content, and appropriate headings are placed.
  • Limits on Page Titles and Meta Descriptions – Its 60 characters for the title and 160 characters for the description
  • Poor Initial Template Selection – My advice, avoid any template altogether and build your own.
Is Technical SEO difficult?

Technical SEO is not difficult but a more complex part of SEO. It also includes elements of website development to understand how crawlers are experiencing the whole website together. Once you start thinking like a crawler, you get ahold of technical SEO. Below are the broad parameters that can be included in Technical SEO.

  • Site architecture
  • Understanding how Google crawls
  • Using robots.txt to control crawl
  • Google Search Console inspect
  • Using sitemaps for important pages
  • Internal linking
  • Mobile SEO
  • Website speed optimization (Google page speed insights)
  • Using a CDN such as a cloud flare for faster connectivity
  • Use of structured data (schema mark-ups)
What are the five SEO factors?

Following are the five vital SEO factors,

Keyword research: this is the foundation of SEO strategy. Wrong keywords will harm the website and cause more damage m.

On-page SEO: optimizing content for SEO. The different elements of it are title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, URLs, images, and content. 

Technical SEO: it brings order to the overall layout of the website. It helps in indexing and crawling which further boosts ranking signals. 

Off-page SEO: it consists of link building, anchor texts, website authority, link quality, link juice, do follow no follow, guest posting, and content syndication.

Site Audit: It gives a clear picture of how the website is performing and how well the SEO strategy is being followed.

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