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Consumers who are more informed are always looking for innovative ways to find the perfect fit. Your website is frequently one of their first impressions of your company. Our free website analysis will tell you exactly what they're looking at and what conclusions they've reached about your company. We go into every nook and corner of your website to see if there are any places where your visitors could be misled. We employ tools to discover critical issues with your website, browser incompatibilities, and all of the other stumbling blocks that could hinder you from providing your audience with an optimal user experience. We also combine all the results that we get into a clean and clear report that is easy to understand and can be read in one glance by adding graphs and statistics for better understanding.

Consult with AMITKKs' professionals about getting a free website analysis report for your website. Get a better glance inside the web insights, with fun and easy-to-understand graphics, for FREE!

What Do We Check Our Website Analysis

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

  • Usability


  • Performance


  • Security


Search Engine Optimization

Take a quick peek at your organic keyword position and performance in comparison to your competitors. This SEO report will tell you how valuable your website is, how many keywords you rank for on Google, and how many organic clicks you get each month. It will also give you the top 5 keywords for which your website ranks, as well as the number of local and global searches they receive per month. Through this report, you'll be able to decide what you can do to improve your website's SEO to maximize organic ranking potential and drive more traffic to your website.


If your visitors don't have a good experience after landing on your website, then all that hard work will be of no use. A website's usability refers to how easy it is for a user to interact with the website. The usability of a website depends on content credibility, mobile and desktop optimization, simple design elements, visual hierarchy, and the scannability of the content. Website usability is one thing that can make or break the success of your site. Even after raking high, if the users find it difficult to navigate through your website, they'll simply quit and move on to your competitors. Our website analysis report will also check all the various factors affecting the usability of your website and let you know the area for improvement.


Performance is essential to ensure a good user experience and reduce the bounce rates which impact your rankings. Now our SEO goals do include ranking higher on Google's SERP, which in turn provides more organic traffic. If the performance of a website is low, as in the loading speed of a website is slow, it is much less likely to rank on Google, even after having great content. Check your website's performance to reduce page load time and increase the rankings of your webpage.


Downtime and data loss are two things that are nightmares for every business with a website. Having robust security can easily help cut down downtime and prevent any type of data loss. Strong security is also essential to ensure that the user data is protected and not compromised, even if a hacker tries to hack your website and take away that information. A check on your website's security can tell you if there's a risk or a chance of improvement to make your website more secure.

What We Do In Our Free Website Analysis?

Find Technical Errors

Find Technical Errors

The technical structure and setup of your website have a significant impact on how well it works for clients.

Identify SEO Problems

Identify SEO Problems

In our website analysis, we'll check the SEO factors as well and help you look into the issues related to SEO.

Analyze Design and UX

Analyze Design and UX

Our analysis show how users are influenced by design and user experience.

Provide a Checklist of All Website Issues and Recommended Fixes

Checklist of issues and fixes

Our deliverables include a list of the site's problems and suggested fixes so you can send it to the right teams.

Benefits Of A Our Free Website Analysis

Website Performance Optimization

Your website visitors expect information promptly in today's world. Did you know that 47% of customers want your page to load in less than two seconds? Furthermore, if your page takes longer than three seconds to load, 40% of these visitors will abandon it. Web analysis can reveal the reasons why your page is taking so slow to load, as well as suggestions for improving performance. Speeding up your website can be extremely helpful in boosting your performance as well as the rankings.

Understanding Your SEO

Search engines are how the vast majority of your website visitors find you. SEO seeks to increase the visibility of your page by growing visible organic (non-paid) search results. Using the proper keywords and phrases on search engines like Google will help your target audience find your page. Our free web audit will examine your search engine optimization and determine ways to enhance your rankings and increase traffic to your site.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Website audits also allow you to re-evaluate your website's lead generation and conversion efficacy. As a consequence, you'll be able to see any previously missed possibilities to convert visitors into leads, allowing you to include relevant CTAs, as well as identify any flaws in your landing pages, allowing you to improve them to increase conversions.

Competitive Analysis

You can compare your website to that of your competitors with our free website analysis. You may assess how well you rank for keywords in comparison to competitors and identify potential new money streams. You may see how your competitors attract visitors and convert them by looking at their websites. Finally, our free website analysis will assist you in developing fresh approaches and plans for your website.

Identify Issues

You'll be able to identify issues that are affecting your SEO and conversions using our free website analysis. It could be faulty links, hidden material, slow page load times, or something else entirely. Identifying these difficulties will assist you in resolving traffic-related concerns.By evaluating both the content and technical components of your website, you may dramatically increase the amount of traffic and conversions it generates.


From some of our clients

Free website analysis reports from AMITKK include detailed recommendations for improving your website. A Complete Website Audit Google and other search engines use various characteristics to rank websites. Review the key ranking indicators to assist you in spotting any problems your site could be having.

Rishi Kumar

Owner - Profiling

The website analysis reports from AMITKK were extremely easy to understand. They provided a report with all the important details mentioned. That report included all the essential details, and the team explained many essential things.

Prateek Suri

Sales and Marketing Manager

Well, these guys cover everything from basic speed tests to backlinks. The reports are so clean and easy to understand. We have tried other tools for free analysis, but getting these guys' reports was amazing. They also explained a lot of things in detail and left amazing suggestions.

Shrom Budhraja

Owner - Shake Buster

The website analysis report by AMITKK is a great one. They cover all essential things, and the report they provide is amazing. It’s easy to understand, and the report is extremely detailed. They offer a comprehensive SEO analysis and everything essential in one report. On top of it, they even explain all the problems and how to implement the suggestions they provided.

Pulkit Kapur


These guys cover everything, from backlinks to simple performance testing. The reports are so well-organized and simple to comprehend. Although we have tried other free analysis tools, receiving the assessment from these people was incredible. They left wonderful suggestions and detailed explanations for many other things.



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