Google Penalties - The Ultimate Guide

Google Penalties - The Ultimate Guide

Have you heard this word before? Or you came to know that your website is under google penalties. If this is the case and you want to find out what they are, you are at the right place. This essay will enlighten your eyes to what a Google penalty is.

Are you aware? With 92% of the market share for search engines, Google is the most widely used. With this much popularity comes huge responsibility. And Google takes care of all its strict norms by keeping an eye on the websites.

And if your website is not following the norms suggested by google. You may not rank even after putting so much effort into it. Let us move further and know what exactly is a Google Penalty.

What Is Google Penalty?

Google Penalties are punishments given to your websites when you misbehave or you do not follow guidelines provided by Google. Which are called Google Webmaster guidelines.

The severity of these punishments varies according to the mistakes you make. But moreover, google blocks particular keywords, URLs or sometimes the whole website.

So, When your website or some of its parts are under the radar of Google Penalty, this happens when someone searches your content they can’t find it.

Different types of Google Penalties, according to the particular area which is creating problems depending on the level of violation you have made are —

  1. Keyword
  2. Subdomain
  3. URL
  4. Domain
  5. Whole Website ( Delisting)

Delisting is the harshest penalty. In this, the complete website is removed and no one can search your website on google. Reasons behind Google's penalties are mainly copying content and links from the content which is already there in google.

What Are The Types Of Google Penalties?

The common reason behind these penalties is the scam done during the digital marketing of your website. This includes Keyword stuffing, backlinking etc.

Mainly there are two types of Google Penalties, both of which we will study in detail in the upcoming paragraphs of this article only. –

1. Manual Google Penalties

This type of penalty is detected by a human reviewer. So, when google employees monitor search engine data and they find someone violating guidelines. They report their content and this complaint results in Manual Google Penalties.

2. Algorithmic Google Penalties

So, Google does have some already set algorithms. When someone violates a particular type of guidelines google’s algorithm automatically shares a penalty without someone even complaining about it.

What are Manual Google Penalties?

Manual Google Penalty is again sub-categorized into three main types, according to their severity these three are arranged below in order-

Keyword Penalty - This type of penalty arises when one or more keywords are flagged. As an outcome, these flagged keywords can not be searched organically. Whereas other keywords can be searched as earlier.Organic search means, the searches which come rank-wise on google. In this manner, all your SEO strategies will go in vain if you are suffering from Google Penalties.

Site-wide Penalty - Site-wide Penalty is a higher penalty when compared to Keyword Penalty. Here maximum keywords of the domain are being flagged and all of them can not be searched from the google search bar. Although someone with a link to your blog can search it by pasting the URL.

Delisting - This is the worst type of Google Manual Penalty. Here the whole website is the punishment. Delisting is the situation when your whole website of yours can not be searched on Google. It will vanish all your SEO efforts in one go. To avoid it one should work according to guidelines only.

What are Algorithmic Google Penalties?

Algorithm Penalties are automatically generated penalties by Google. They are of two types-

  1. Panda Penalties: This type of penalty is associated with the quality of web content.
  2. Penguin Penalties: This type of penalty is associated with the backlinks of the website.

What is the difference between Manual and Algorithmic Google Penalties?

Many think that both are similar. But this is not the case there is a huge difference between manual and algorithm penalties.

Algorithm penalties are indirect penalties. And manual penalties are direct penalties. The Panda and Penguin are there to enhance search result qualities. Whereas manual penalties are actual penalties which impact the website.

Algorithm penalties help digital marketers, businessmen, and individuals who want to establish their e-commerce setup.

What are the Reasons Behind Google Penalties?

Out of many some of the reasons behind google's penalties are-

Keyword Stuffing - SEO experts say it is important to add an adequate number of keywords in an article to rank it. But in the greed of ranking articles website owners add an extra number of keywords which is called keyword stuffing. This is the reason why keyword stuffers have a lower rank in Search Engine Result pages commonly called SERPs.

Website Hacking - Website hacking is something which may not be your fault. Then too you have to suffer for it. This is the rationale it is advised to keep robust security sites. To avoid website hacking and hence google penalties.

Weak Content and Images - Weak content here means insufficient information i.e some headings are saying something and showing something else.Apart from this the content with lower SEO friendliness, Duplicate Content, Copied content, Unauthentic Content, Spun and auto-generated content is called weak content.Images wise, the images which are not royalty free and you have used it without permission can be a reason behind Google penalty.

Link Spam and Redirects - Many Websites keep redirecting you to other pages which certainly is annoying and google takes proper care of its users. Excessive redirecting can lead to flagging by Google.In the year 2012 Google updated its algorithm penalty policy by mentioning penalties for unnatural outbound links. Whereas it increases your ranking if you use natural links for your websites.

There are many more reasons behind google penalties which you can read in the webmaster guidelines by Google.

How to Avoid Google Penalties?

Avoiding Google Penalties is easy, but recovering from it is surely not an easy task, for this, you need to avoid the following mistakes-

  1. Keep an eye on backlinks, do not buy them from others
  2. Avoid Keyword Stuffing
  3. Avoid User-generated Spam
  4. Post Authentic Content Only
  5. Do not Pirate Images
  6. Avoid pure spam
  7. Read regular Google updates
  8. Avoid News and Discover policy violations

Key Takeaway

Google Penalties are not equivalent to the death of your website but surely will impact your web career. And google penalties are tough to clear.

For avoiding google penalties the simplest way is to look after your web analytics properly and have clear statistics of your web traffic and work on it for a smooth web working.

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