How to Use Outreach for Link Building

How to Use Outreach for Link Building

When you reach out to other companies and organizations, you ask them to link to the website. You can boost the likelihood of getting a response and a backlink from contact with a well-thought-out outreach campaign. 

Outreach Strategy Examples

  • Skyscraper strategy
  • Moving Man Method
  • To use the Guest Posting Strategy
  • The Digital PR Link Exchange
  • Method of Building Skyscrapers 

To use the Skyscraper strategy, you need to find out what other websites are connecting to and then produce your high-quality material in the same area. The next step is to advertise your content on those websites in the hopes that you may persuade them to link to your updated information instead. 

Make Top-Performing Content 

Compare the site's inbound links to your competitors with the help of the Backlink Gap tool. You can enter up to five websites to compare referral traffic and find out which sites your competitors are using. 

You can use the Best filter to determine which domains are directing traffic away from your site and into your competitors. The Skyscraper technique's best possible leads are listed below. 

  • Paste the URL of the popular article you're interested in investigating into the Backlink Analytics platform. 
  • Click on the Backlinks tab to view the list of sites linked to the current theme. 
  • You'll be reaching out to these domains shortly. 

Revise the Existing Work 

You'll either improve upon a current article or work with what you have to produce something new and improved. 

Work with Domains

The last step is to contact every site that links to the old content and ask them to link to your updated material instead. 

Send outreach emails straight from the Link Building tool after it has produced a list of link-building chances for your domain. Moreover, this program may oversee your domain's link-building projects from a single dashboard. 

Contact information for every domain is automatically retrieved, as the tool also accepts user-entered data. The software monitors your outreach and reports on your success rate with various metrics:

Method of the Moving Man

In the Moving Man strategy, you reach out to sites that have connections to old content & ask them to instead link to your newer material. The key to success with this strategy is discovering blogs, websites, and publications in your field that contain out-of-date links. 

When conducting outreach, target sites established as authoritative in the industry have a strong backlink profile; assembling relevant backlinks to the site requires very little work. 

Inviting Guests to Write for Your Blog 

Getting backlinks by posting your content on other sites is what "guest posting" is all about. This strategy has an even more significant effect if your business is considered the leading business within your field. 

To use this strategy, locate a popular or reputable blog site, network with its proprietors, and pitch the idea of guest posting. Within the body of that write-up, you will provide inbound links to your website. 

Creating Blogs w.r.t. your Business Topics 

High-quality industry sites that welcome guest posts would be best. If not, your outreach attempts may be in vain. 

Try out various search terms to identify blogs that will welcome guest posts. 

  • In this case, "Guest author" + "keyword." 
  • Keywords: "Guest post." 

Assess the site's popularity and user activity with the help of the Domain Overview Tool. When evaluating websites, it's essential to focus on metrics like authority score, backlink profile, and organic search traffic. These indicators are displayed prominently at the top of the tool's output page: 

Ask for a Guest Post.

Not all blogs will welcome guest posts, so you'll need to contact them in a friendly manner. Having the content written in advance could strengthen your pitch. 

Create Linked Content 

The final stage is to create the actual blog posts. Guest posts should be as interesting, helpful, and factually correct as the posts you make yourself. 

It would help if you placed your anchor text and inbound links within the body of the content. This step varies depending on the blog you're contacting, so read their instructions carefully. 

Online Public Relations 

To increase your brand's visibility online, you might employ a method known as digital public relations (PR). Creating positive public relations (PR) content about your firm and reaching out to essential or authoritative groups or reporters in your industry is an excellent long-term outreach approach. 

  • Digital PR materials may consist of link building 
  • Submissions from Other Bloggers 
  • Listings in Directories 
  • Public Announcements 
  • Free-Floating Mentions 
  • Think of something new 

The next step is to compile a list of possible solutions. Produce concepts appropriate for the subject matter, goal, and distribution methods. 

Make Your Content.

Any major company event, accomplishment, or advancement can be covered in digital PR content and disseminated to relevant media. Make an effort to connect to a relevant page rather than your homepage. Always incorporate a link back to your site when writing material. 

Create a Contact List 

Now is the time to put our resources to use and compile a list of potential journalists who might be a good fit for your outreach efforts. Concentrate on media outlets or writers who cover your specific field of interest. Spread out your contacts as much as possible, and only contact those interested in what you say. 

Send Your Pitch

Present your concept to the journalists on your media outreach list. Open and honest dialogue is essential if you want a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with this person. 


We must utilize backlinks to implement an SEO strategy effectively. Assuming they go well, they can also increase exposure for your business and help you make new contacts. Follow the advice mentioned above to strengthen your connections and attract higher-quality backlinks.

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